Inclusivity & Diversity

Every person and pet is welcome.

Kinship is committed to making pet care a more inclusive space.

Our Pledge

If there’s one thing we learn from our pets, it’s this: accept and love people as they are. We believe prejudice has no place at Kinship, no purpose in society, and no justification in our shared human experience.

So, we pledge to increase access and inclusion across pet ownership, care, health, and our industry. And contribute to a more caring and inclusive world.

We will facilitate conversations and self-examination that lead everyone to regard each other as human beings capable of great things.

We will reduce the challenges and obstructions thrown in front of people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and any marginalized group.

We will continue to affirm, in absolute terms, our support for Black individuals, our opposition to racism, and our own commitment to anchor our company in the antiracist culture we believe in.

We will educate ourselves, both as a company and as individuals, to be better allies. Whether we are unlearning unconscious biases or seeking out positive actions we can take to dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and classism in the workplace and in the world.

We will ask questions—no matter how hard their answers—about how we can make the world equal and equitable for all people.

We will embody our Cultural Pillars: Optimistic, Open to All, and Purposefully Inquisitive. And we follow the lead of our parent company, Mars, to hold ourselves accountable.

And we will make our team resemble our world, while working to improve that world with policies and practices that improve equity and increase access for everyone.

Here are the steps we’re taking now:

  1. Prioritizing inclusive hiring and investing in attracting diverse talent.

  2. Bringing a diverse group of assessors to every interview process.

  3. Providing unconscious bias training across our teams internally.

  4. Building an internship program focused on giving BIPOC college students industry immersion and on-the-job learning over 13 weeks.

  5. Promoting businesses owned by BIPOC, Women, and Non-Binary Individuals through our Leap Venture’s partnership and social networks.

Looking forward

It’s easy to believe things won’t ever change, yet change is all around us: turbulent, but necessary to create a just, caring world.

As we greet everyone with the respect due to them as human beings, and the compassion for their personal struggles—which we may not understand or be privy to—we will grow towards our best selves. We may not change the world for everyone, but we may change someone’s world forever.