About us

We help everyone pet parent like a pro.

Pets make us better humans – people who care. At Kinship, we envision a world where everyone cares. So, we use data, tech, and compassion to help everyone bring the best care to their pets.

Kinship is a coalition

We're an interconnected group of brands, teams, and partners. And like the best collectives in the animal kingdom, we bring together our individual niches to work toward a common purpose.

Our products and projects that help you pet parent like a pro.


Our world-leading pet DNA test that helps you know more so you can care smarter for your pet, with easy-to-follow insights on breed mix, ancestry, genetic health risks, physical traits, and more.



To give pets their best possible life by empowering the people who love them. We combine science, data, and technology to create products and services that provide peace of mind.


Pet Story

This platform curates top services for pet parents in Russia. The app offers live, online vet consultations  and Wellness plan subscriptions. While the site provides pet-related content, pet insurance options, and more.



This mobile-first platform is a one-stop solution for science-minded pet parents in China. FluffyGo provides knowledge, pet training, games, and a curated selection of pet food and products to keep pets happy and healthy.

Pet Insight Project

Our pioneering project that’s on a mission to collect billions of data points from tens of thousands of dogs – and transform them into actionable health predictions to improve life for pups everywhere.



Our expert-driven, on-demand pet health platform. This suite of tools brings pet parents trustworthy health and nutrition guidance – while empowering businesses to credibly deliver their services straight to customers.


How we invest

We’re powering pet care startups from pre-seed to growth stage.

Leap Venture Studio The first startup-centric program built to power early-stage pet startups with seed money, mentoring, and a network of pet pros.

Companion Fund

Companion Fund A $100 million fund with the singular mission to support startups that will build a better world for pets.

Have a wild idea to help pets and their parents? We’re all ears.

We come from Mars.

We’re part of the Mars Petcare family. We share their belief that pets make the world better, so we should make the world better for pets, too.

We're open to all

Every person, pet, and perspective is welcome at Kinship. And we’re committed to building a more caring, inclusive world.